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            welcome~Guangzhou Xu Lang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.
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            Grease machine

            Sesame chopping machine

            1.Multi-functional sesame chopping machine is designed exclusively by Guangzhou Xulang Machinery Co.,Ltd.

            2.Oil easily comes out during the period of grinding oily materials.After passing research and development of years,repeated tests,gradual improvement and promotion,the machine is well-designed to meet these kinds of oily materials according to customers’ requirements.

            3.Multi-functional sesame chopping machine adopts the form of high-speed steel knife blade to mince the materials with high speed.As the contact surface is small and speed is fast,it can obtain the effect without oil.

            4.The whole machine is made of stainless steel which is wear-resistant, durable and meets the curing standard.The motor adopts semi-closed installation design, which is dust-proof, anti-hot,sanitary and beautiful, and the operation is simple, safe and reliable.

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