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          welcome~Guangzhou Xu Lang mechanical equipment Co., Ltd.
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          crushing machine

          Iron Crushing Machine

          Stainless steel crushing machines are suitable for crushing traditional Chinese medicine herbs,chemical materials,ore with low rigidity,polystyrene,polypropylene,nylon,industrial plastic,abandoned or defected objects of polychlorinated foam soft plastic,injection sprays.The matching sieve hole board can be replaced and distance between knives blades can be adjusted.Meanwhile,the machine can crush kinds of abandoned plastic products such as blowing moulding films,film extension,thin tablets,thin boards etc.


          適用范圍 ( Scope of application )

          Guangzhou Xulang Machinery Co.,Ltd specialized in manufacturing various kinds of universal crushing machines,which are produced for new generation on integrating advanced experience home and abroad in this field.These newly-designed equipments qualified the following advantages,such as good quality,low energy consumption, advanced knife steel,long-life use,convenient cleaning etc.

          ★    The outlook of machine is beautiful and generous,color style is unique and jet-painting is firm.

              Feeding hopper,crushing chamber and sieve mesh all adopt separated design,which is easy to be installed and dismantled.

          ★    It adopts design of vertical curtain between buffer chamber and outlet of feeding materials in order to avoid materials flying everywhere.

          ★    The front and back wall of crushing chamber adopt design of double-layer soundproof to effectively reduce noise.

          ★     Protection casing is installed on belt wheels,which are safe and reliable.

              Safe valve for washing is designed on the machine.

              Overheat protection device is installed on the motor together with the power interlock to protect system.

              Special knife adopts imported advanced steel material and is particularly durable.The design of knife installation is flexible and adjustable.When the knives are blunt,it can be sharpened for many times.The knives can be used for many times and for long life.

                The fabrication workmanship is complete.The key parts of machine body and knife structure and so on adopt whole formed design to ensure matching precision.Motive seat adopts design of step class and scissor style,which can make the shearing power spread  to facilitate strength of shearing power by times.

          ★     Reasonable structure,convenient operation,saving electrical power,practice and economy.

               Plastic crushing machine in common adopts seal-ring shaft.This kind of seal-ring design makes the shaft work in good condition for a long time.The design of knife is reasonable,which can guarantee even particles of finished objects.The knife seat adopts design of thermal forming treatment,whose outlook is beautiful and generous.

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